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Athlete Leadership Program

Through sports training and competitions, Special Olympics helps people with intellectual disabilities achieve joy, acceptance and success. They gain the confidence that comes with achievement. They feel empowered.  Athlete Leadership Programs can take athletes even farther -- as leaders and spokespeople respected in their communities. Programs include "Athletes as Coaches," "Athletes as Volunteers," "Athletes as Ambassadors," and "Challenges Through Choice."  Learn More

Healthy Athletes

Through event- based screenings, Healthy Athletes works to improve access to health care for Special Olympics of Minnesota athletes; make referrals to local health practitioners when appropriate; train health care professionals and students about the needs and care of people with intellectual disabilities; collect, analyze and disseminate data on the health status and needs of people with intellectual disabilities; and advocate for improved health policies and programs for people with intellectual disabilities. Learn More


In addition to activities sponsored by Special Olympics of Minnesota, the South Region Stars also offers opportunities for socialization. There's a holiday party, a summer dance, and we even march in a parade. These fun events allow athletes -- and families -- to connect.


• 2016 Summer Dance