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Meet the South Region Stars

When Special Olympics founder Eunice Shriver opened the 1991 International Games, held right here in Minnesota, she captured the essence of what we achieve: "You are the peacemakers," she told the athletes, "competitive but not envious, determined but not angry, teachers of the profound truth, that we can try and do our best..."

The South Region Stars provides competitive sports opportunities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities through Special Olympics of Minnesota.  More than 150 athletes participate in one or several of the nine sports we offer.  Alpine Sports, Aquatics, Athletics (Track and Field), Basketball, Bocce, Bowling, Poly (Floor) Hockey, Softball, and Unified Flag Football.

From novice to advanced levels, our athletes can choose to participate in individual or team sports, including teams that combine athletes with and without an intellectual disability.  In competitions, athletes are matched with others of a similar age and competitive ability, ensuring that athletes of all abilities be given an equal chance to succeed and thrive at their chosen sport.

Through their involvement, our athletes benefit physically, mentally and socially.  We see families and the larger community strengthened, both through participation and observation.  We help others recognize people with intellectual disabilities in an environment of equality, respect and acceptance.


The Peacemakers

Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver addresses the Opening Ceremony of the 1991 Special Olympics World Summer Games at the Metrodome in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, USA.