The South Region Stars team is managed and coached by a caring group of volunteers. Without them, we could not exist.  Whether you're coaching an athlete or helping with paperwork, handing out awards, celebrating a victory, timing a runner or helping plan a social event or fundraiser, you're touching the lives of our team members. Our athletes work hard to overcome the odds and can do so with your help. Volunteer roles are based on your interest and availability, as well as the needs of the team and programs. Any time you can commit makes possibilities become realities.

Why You're So Important

Coaches provide the sports skills and spirit that define a true athlete; they’re role models and character builders. Unified Sports was inspired by a simple principle: training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding. Both Coaches and Unified Partners must complete the Volunteer Application and Level 1 Training.  Learn More.

Become a Coach

Every Special Olympics team is required to have a specific number of Level 1 and Level 2 certified coaches to participate in competitions. We need you! There are two coaching options. One is to become a general coach who is non sport specific. The other option is to become a Level II coach, which is sport specific. Both levels are necessary for competition, however neither requires an advanced level of expertise.

Become a Unified Partner

Most of our athletes compete as individuals. However,many choose to also play with a teammate (called doubles) while others play with a parent, PCA, or sibling. The person who is not a Special Olympian is called a Unified Partner. Even though this person is not a Special Olympian, the partner must still be registered with SOMN to compete.