South Region Stars Bocce

The Team

Bocce is a great sport as the range of events is intended to offer competition opportunities for athletes of all abilities.  Some of our athletes use a standard bocce ball while others compete in modified bocce, which allows athletes to use a lighter bocce ball and toss a shorter distance.  In addition to individual play, some of our athletes choose to play with a partner, whether another athlete or a friend or family member.  (If this is of interest to you, we ask that you find a partner with whom you want to compete.)


Get ready to roll at our first practice on Tuesday, June 27 at Heritage E-Stem Magnet School - (on the west-side soccer field adjacent to the parking lot.  Heritage is located at 121 Butler Avenue, West St. Paul .  We start practice at 6 pm; however several athletes come early to help set up the courts.  Assistance is always welcome!

Although we set 7:15 as our end time, we occasionally end practice early due to weather conditions (too hot, too wet, etc.)  As such, we appreciate staff, families, or friends remaining on site.

Note: some days maybe be “Bad Weather Days.” Please check our website at: for cancelled practices due to the weather.


Area 12 Bocce Tournament

Monday, July 24
Hidden Greens Golf Course
Hastings, MN  55033

State Bocce Tournament

Saturday and Sunday, August 19-20
East Ridge High School
Woodbury, MN $25

Measurement Weeks

To register athletes for bocce competition, SOMN requires that we submit a compilation score for each athlete and unified partner. This allows the organization to division athletes more accurately.

This is a time intensive process, so I'm going to try something different this year. On June 6  and 20 we will be at the practice site (west side of Heritage Middle School) for the sole purpose of obtaining this score. The measurement process includes tossing eight bocce balls each at three different measurements.

Although this is not a requirement, the more athletes who are willing to be measured prior to the season's start, the more time we have for practicing! With your help, I will do my best at getting you in and out of there as quickly as possible. It is not necessary to compete in bocce; however we will only be measuring those who plan to do so. THIS INCLUDES UNIFIED PARTNERS.


Reine Shiffman, Coach
Phone: 612-209-7702
Mail to:


Registration for the 2017 Bocce season is now open.  Don't forget that we need each participant to fill out the Registration Form (COMPLETELY). If participating in the state tournament, there will be a $25 registration fee.  When you open the form, you may download it and fill it in online.  Then print.

Available Events

  • Individual bocce (one athlete competes against another)
  • Doubles bocce (two athletes compete against two athletes)
  • Unified partner bocce (an athlete and a partner who is not an athlete compete against a similar team) *
    Please note that unified partners must be a Level I coach, regardless of age. Details can be found here.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee a doubles or unified partner.  Your best bet is to make arrangements prior to the season.


  • Eligibility: Athletes cannot be allowed to practice or compete unless they have an up-to-date application and physical on file with Special Olympics of Minnesota.
  • Check Conflicts: Please add the competition schedule to your calendar so that if you are planning a vacation, you can try to work around these dates. Keep in mind that athletes must compete at the Area Tournament in order to compete in the state competition.
  • Remain on Site: If you are sending an athlete who is a beginner; requires one-on-one attention; or has a behavioral issue, the athlete must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is to remain with the athlete.
  • Group Homes:  Out of respect for all athletes who want to participant, we ask that you provide us with one Level 1 coach when bringing three or more athletes to practice and competition.  We are required to document a specific ratio of athletes to coaches; if we can't meet our ratio, some athletes may not be able to participate.